One of the most popular countertop materials around these days is granite. For the last decade or two, it has been very popular with designers and homeowners alike. It is easy to see why, because granite is gorgeous! Its stunning appearance and speckled variants, not to mention swirls of all varieties, make for a unique and eye-pleasing focal point in any kitchen.

But picking out a granite countertop for your home may be a bit overwhelming, at first. There are hundreds, if not thousands of colors to choose from. You may have already got a good idea of those that speak to your personal style, and perhaps even have several in mind. Or maybe you don’t! To kick-start your countertop color decision, it is helpful to look at granite colors others are installing in their kitchens. We have updated our list of Top 5 for your viewing pleasure. Here are the most popular granite countertop colors for 2019.


1. Azul Platino

This is the numero uno of granite top colors. You want to add color to your kitchen, but don’t want it to be too bright or too in-your-face? Choose this. This slab is subtle, with its delicate tones of blue dispersed into the speckled pattern. The effect is so stealthy that it nearly appears black and white at first glance.

2. Blanco Leblon

This one is incredibly versatile! Leblon slabs have a general black-white-grey composition, making this granite choice very well-balanced overall. It works really well with most any kitchen hue, from dark to light, so it is not surprising that this one is extremely popular. The pattern is noticeable, yet nondescript and works well in both an ultra-modern white, an industrial-style, or a Mediterranean kitchen as well as a traditional farmhouse kitchen.

3. Butterfly Beige

This slab has flecks that are classic black and white, interspersed with large patches of natural, wing-like accents. Some may even call this granite earthy. The accents can be beige, gold or tan – some even have a mossy-green appearance to it. The earth tones here make it the ideal slab for kitchen color schemes ranging from creamy, mocha-colored to dark chocolate.

4. Santa Cecelia

This granite slab has been in our Top 5 for a decade. It pairs very well with white kitchen cabinets, which have been popular for just as long, making the perfect marriage of the two for your kitchen. It has a converse effect of the Butterfly Beige, with rich brown tones that the eye brings to the forefront. The black flecks fade into the background, giving an overall pleasing tone to most any lighter color scheme.

5. Luna Pearl

The Luna Pearl boasts pearlescent accents that gives an air of luxury to a classic slab color combination. With a slightly bolder pattern than marble, it is a nice option for those that tend to favor marble, and is worth considering. The shimmery flecks are opalescent, and give the softer, luminescent look that marble is famous for. All of this with the added durability of granite.

When updating this list, we noticed something. Three out of the five top colors just 4 years ago had a darker theme, made of dark colored granite. Nowadays, most popular colors are much lighter in shade, as told by the best-sellers. We will continue to keep an eye on this, and keep you up to date on what others continue to buy.

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