The best of both worlds, beauty, and power, quartzite have it all.


Quartzite is made of metamorphosed sandstone, known for its durability and hardness. Is considered by many the best material that you can find for your countertop, almost indestructible, giving you peace of mind. It gets better, it is resistant to common kitchen acids and will not etch like marble. The beauty and colors of Quartzite are breathtaking, materials such as TajMahal, Azul Macaubas, Perla Venata, Nacarado.


How should I clean Quartzite?

For cleaning, keep it simple, we recommend mild soap and a soft cloth or paper towel. 


Quartzite Scratch

It won't scratch with your common kitchen utensils. Quartzite scores a high 7 on Mohs hardness scale. It could even dull your knives. 


Quartzite Etching

True Quartzite does not etch. 


Quartzite finish

Most of the times, quartzites are polished, but it can always be found or refinished into any other finish at your request. 


Quartzite Staining

Depends on each material, it can be more prone to staining on one material than others. Sealing is always a piece of great advice to avoid surprises. 


Quartzite Sealing

Sometimes is not even necessary, but, the application of DryTreat Sealer will increase your quartzite stain resistance, we always recommend to be sealed. DryTreat Sealer is an impregnating Sealer that goes into the stone beneath the surface, filling the pores, allowing more time to clean up spills and preventing stains from going deep. It's breathable and it's 100% safe in your house. 


Quartzite Heat Resistant

It is heat resistant. 


Quartzite Precautions:

There are a lot of mislabeled materials, marble, and granite being sold as quartzite, or, even worse, material labeled as soft-quartzite. Soft Quartzite does not exist, its either a true quartzite or not! If it can be scratched by a glass tile, knife or etches it's not a Quartzite. Test your material, and make sure you are getting a real quartzite stone as opposed to marble or granite.



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