Marble in Kitchens: Choosing the Right Surface for A Home Kitchen Renovation in Miami

Marble in Kitchens: Choosing the Right Surface for A Home Kitchen Renovation in Miami


Kitchens are often times considered the most important room in a home, being a place to gather the family, prepare meals, and entertaining guests. When it comes time for a kitchen renovation, homeowners aim for a balance between a unique design and potential for future investment. Oftentimes, the right surfaces can outlive the homes themselves.


Choosing the right surface for your kitchen renovation can be a tough decision and depending on what material fits best with the flow of your home, there are a number of options available.


All About The Looks


Marble countertops have been a top choice for homeowners across the world for a long time, and there are a variety of reasons why. They provide a bold statement to any room and provide a sense of elegance. Being a versatile surface, marble can produce a glamorous look in a variety of design styles. The glowing finishes offer a polished look for homeowners looking to portray a modern feel while maintaining neutral colors that fit well with kitchen essentials.


In spite of its posh status, marble is in abundance across the world and is readily available. The naturally occurring surface provides a perfect opportunity for adding a natural element to your home while maintaining a clean and sleek ambiance.



The stone is resistant to heat, scratches and cracks, making it a big hit for professional chefs and bakers. In spite of being so durable, it is a softer material than granite, allowing for the possibility of unique design elements to complement your kitchen.


Stone features added to any home can increase overall property value if the condition is maintained. Adding marble countertops to your kitchen can be used as an upsell opportunity for a number of buyers, as a more modern feel is more desirable in today’s real estate market.


Those interested in learning more about the advantages of natural stone and marble countertops in kitchens are encouraged to reach out to Florida House Remodeling expert. 

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