Countertops made of stone, are synonymous with elegance and luxury. Their presence in the kitchen makes the room immediately take on a completely different dimension. Here we’re going to focus on Marble Miami, and how it measures up to other types of stone countertops.

Why Choose a Marble Miami Countertop? In the kitchen, like granite, Miami marble also works well. They attract attention with stylish patterns, and with the right treatment beforehand to maintain the durability will provide years of luxurious appearance and use.

What stone to choose for your kitchen

Sure, we know that granite countertops are pretty durable and give you a scratch and stain-resistant stone. It comes in almost 200 different colors: from beige, through grays, greens, blues, roses to black, depending on the place where the stone was mined.

It does not need to be treated and is also resistant to everyday damage. But there’s something about Marble that really adds that touch of lavish class to a kitchen. That said, the natural stone of Granite or Marble works well in both modern and more traditional kitchens.

It’s also worth finding out which stone countertops are within your budget and which you can afford - as well as which ones work better. So get in touch - because we can help with that. and which work better.

So one solution worth considering is marble Miami countertops, combining modern design with high functionality. These countertops look and work impressively in any interior, be it kitchens or bathrooms.

Can’t a cheap countertop still look good?

Each day countertops have to endure water, sharp knives and heavy - often hot objects. It’s worth remembering this when you’re going to equip your kitchen or replace an old worktop with a new one. It's really not advisable to try saving money on this part of your kitchen mistakes can be costly later.

Marble, like Granite, can be provided in a range of colors that will perfectly match the rest of your kitchen design. In a way that means you don’t need to forego functionality and yet still achieve the intended visual effect and will last for years to come.

“It's really not advisable to try saving money on this part of your kitchen.”

Why have Miami Marble countertops in your kitchen?

Stone countertops, including Miami marble, have a number of advantages. It’s impossible to list them all, but it is worth mentioning at least the most important ones:

  • Durability - stone worktops are tough, which gives them longevity
  • Scratch - resistant, mechanical damage, and stains (except for untreated marble and travertine); which means you can put hot dishes on it without the risk of surface damage,
  • Fire resistance - so it can be confidently installed alongside cookers and ovens,
  • Easy to clean - for some of us, this is often our first consideration!
  • Water-resistant - no warping or expanding
  • Wide range of colors - you can match the style and colors to your kitchen interior,
  • Different finishes - so it can be polished and brushed to obtain different effects
  • Variety of shapes - it can easily be cut so you’re not stuck with just square or rectangle! Why not opt for circle, oval or other modern streamlined shapes,
  • Exclusive - bespoke designs
  • Timeless elegance - So it will look fabulous for years - isn’t that what we all want!

Miami Marble for a bathroom

Marble Miami for a bathroom

The color palette of marble is very rich. So a marble worktop for your bathroom has different considerations to your kitchen, not only in style but for the use they need to endure, so it goes without saying to keep your kitchen considerations in isolation to your bathroom design.

Our Miami Marble countertops are always a popular choice for our customers. It’s worth keeping in mind they can require a bit more care. This is due to their hardness - marble is softer than say Granite, so it just needs a little more looking after!

With the proper care and treatment though, and the use of appropriate cleaning agents, it’s possible to easily and properly protect marble worktops against any external factors.

How to take care of a Marble Miami countertop

  • Tabletop pads - if you have a marble table, it’s a good idea to use table mats to cover the surface when serving drinks and meals - especially under very hot dishes, such as pots, pans, etc.
  • Microfibre cloth - for daily maintenance, just buy a regular cloth that will not scratch the surface and will perfectly collect excess water from the surface of the stone.
  • Dedicated products - we can advise on dedicated materials to buy. Their use should be absolutely sufficient for both daily maintenance and removal of fresh dirt. Some cleaning agents are already specially formulated with the right ingredients for the right countertop. e.g. the Carrara variety.
  • Water and detergent - greasy oil-based stains such as kitchen oil, milk, cosmetics, etc. tend to penetrate the pores of white marble that hasn’t been treated at all. Such soiling causes blackout on the surface of the stone and can create an unsightly appearance, so make sure you ask your specialist if the marble has been treated before you buy.

Removing stains from Marble Miami countertops

To clean the worktop to remove unwanted stains and discolorations, it’s best to start with the least aggressive cleaning agents, and gradually increase the strength if the previous methods fail.

Top Tip: Distilled water and white spirit are gentle and effective in the case of fresh, small dirt patches. Apply the liquid to the swab and wipe the surface quickly. Spirit has a tendency to dull the varnish, so its use should be treated as disposable and occasional.

Also, ordinary baking soda combined with warm water at a ratio of 3 tablespoons per 250ml of water can be used as a safe cleaning agent.

What should not be used?

In the case of daily care of marble surfaces, bleaching agents containing chlorine, i.e. all types of cleaning fluid available in household stores should be avoided. Detergents containing silicone oils are not recommended either. Avoid acidic and alkaline pH agents at all times.

Miami Marble Countertops for Kitchen

Styling ideas for your Miami Marble kitchen

Marble with black

One of the most classic and elegant styles, marble contrasting with a strong black can look really stylish. There are numerous black gray shade possibilities for accessories too. Black faucets in the sink, light gray lamps, washbasins or furniture that can blend with the arrangement. With these kinds of combinations, marble countertops will make a great high-end impression.

Marble plus a strong pattern

Another idea that is particularly suitable for bathrooms or kitchens is to have a patterned to floor complement or contrast your Marble Miami countertops. This kind of floor will introduce flair to the arrangement and create a lively busy-kitchen atmosphere as well as introducing the austerity of Marble into a vibrant setting.

Marble alongside wood

A material particularly well suited to marble is the timelessness of wood. This natural raw material makes the interior immediately gain a cozy atmosphere, making the marble appear softer and, as the two are both natural materials they will combine seamlessly. It’s fashionable - and has longevity to it because as the wood ages it will only look better.

Marble plus green? Striking!

Another super modern combination is the composition of marble and green textures, especially in bottle shades, not only will it look stylish and modern. Adding a touch of wood detail will help it blend well. Introducing stronger colors will purposefully play down the lavishness of marble, creating a striking contrast.


Worktops made of Miami marble are a solution for those who appreciate class and elegance combined with functionality.

There’s a wealth of combinations for Miami marble, with a variety of patterns and materials that make it easy to create the perfect arrangement for your interior. If you’re looking for inspiration to design a new kitchen or renovate your existing one, why not give us a call and we’ll talk through your best options. There’s a Miami Marble worktop that’s perfect for every individual.

Are you looking to buy marble, granite or high quality stone countertops in Miami, Florida?  Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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