When most people think of natural stone in their home decorating, countertops may come to mind first. They represent only one small part of the list of possibilities when it comes to using stone in your house. It has been one of the most common types of building and decorating materials for centuries. Think of all the important buildings, temples, and palaces fashioned from these long-lasting and attractive blocks and slabs. Commercial and residential buildings still use stone in many ways. When you want to renovate or remodel your home, consider moving beyond the countertops with natural stone design.


Stone Floors

Nothing lasts longer than stone flooring, especially if you choose granite. This natural materials creates mountains, after all, and nothing could be stronger or harder wearing than that. Granite tiles do not wear out, are almost impossible to crack, do not scratch or scuff. Water cannot sink into stone tiles. They do not attract and hold allergens like other flooring options. As long as you care for them properly, they will not stain, either.


Fireplace Surrounds

Extend the natural beauty of stone to the fireplace in your living or family room. Popular options include marble, granite, and stacked or tiled limestone. These stand up to the high temperatures and even help dissipate it into the room more effectively than other materials. When it comes to sheer style, you cannot beat a floor to ceiling accent of beautiful stone. Depending on the variety you choose, you can create anything from a rustic lodge look to a sleek and elegant style.


Natural Stone Tables

If structural remodeling is not part of your current plan, you do not have to set aside your love for natural stone. Many types of tables have granite or marble slab tops, which can add a very attractive element to your room design scheme. Table bases or pedestals can be carved out of solid stone, as well. These give you a simpler and often more affordable way to introduce your favorite material into your home.


Hardscaping or Exterior Design

Why focus on the interior of home design? Many landscaping or outdoor options exist when it comes to natural stone. Blocks for walls and patios may represent the most common choices, but convenient and attractive benches, plant pots, and even fish ponds and fountains look great in granite, marble, or other rock types. Consider adding an accent to your home's façade, too.

Natural stone has always given builders and designers one of the best options for homes and public buildings. Its style has stood the test of time just as much as its structure. Yes, stone elements carry a bigger ticket price at the start, but their durability and classic look mean you will not have to replace it all five years down the road. Natural stone is an investment in your home or other building. Whether you choose sturdy granite with its host of colors and patterns, elegant marble for tiles or tables, or any other type of stone suitable for accentuating indoor and outdoor style and usability, you will enjoy it for a long time with less potential problems than other materials.

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