If you visit your nearby market, you’ll several options for kitchen counter-tops. Those options include the use of material that is durable and retains its beauty for years.

Granite and marble are the one that are recommended for kitchen by interior designers. Both are natural and maintain your kitchen’s fantastic look for decades.

If we talk about the differences between granite and marble, we find more similarities. However, just a few differences are there.

With few differences, it becomes difficult to choose the one. Kitchen designers recommend both, so you can choose any of them to get started.

We’ll talk about their characteristics; to find out what makes them an ideal choice for kitchen counter-tops. As you go through, you’ll end up with a clear choice for your kitchen counter-tops.

Kitchen Counter-tops - Granite OR Marble?

Characteristics of Marble:

On a technical level, marble is a metamorphic rock prepared from recrystallized carbon. Limestone, when subjected to intense heat and pressure, produces natural marble. Okay, so why marble is a fine choice for the counter-tops?

Consider these characteristics:

  • Appearance: About appearance, marble seems to have large color patterns and their color tends to be consistent thoroughly. The color consistency throughout the slab gives a fantastic overley from start to finish.
  • Hardness and Durability: Marble offers hardness as it is composed of pretty hard rocks. About durability, a proper seal is required as it is a porous material. After every one or two years, proper sealing can make it work for decades.
  • Maintenance: Marble doesn’t lose its color pattern only if proper care. From sealing to avoiding acidic material, all measures are necessarily taken. It requires a bit of regular maintenance throughout.

Characteristics of Granite:

Technically, granite is a natural stone composed of feldspar, mica, and other similar materials. This composition makes granite a harder material than the marble but both are durable with an amazing looking. 

Here are a few characteristics which make granite a great pick:

  • Appearance: Granite, as mentioned earlier, is composed of grains and their pattern appears as specks that are randomly mixed in color. A Granite slab may contain blue, green, pink, orange, or red, etc., existing in medium to dark shades. This structure gives granite a fine look.
  • Hardness and Durability: As we look at the composition, we find granite to be more resistant to scratches and chips. Similar to marble, granite is heat resistant, too. We can’t question granite’s durability as it lasts for decades.
  • Maintenance: Granite requires less maintenance as compared to other surfaces like quartz, glass, or ceramic tiles. If compared with marble, granite requires less no sealing type maintenance.

Kitchen Counter-Top IDEAS

We have learned about the ideal materials; granite and marble. Their characteristics tend to be similar and both are ideal for kitchen furnishing.

Now, let’s talk about some ideas:

  • Color Contrast: This is a perfect idea for a nice counter-top. Making use of contrasting colors just like we do while choosing dresses. It’ll surely give your kitchen an awesome look!
  • Curved Shape Kitchen Countertops: If you are looking for an innovative counter-top idea, give it a curve-shaped look and see how it goes. The curved shape finds its use for a better sitting place for dining.

The Bottom Line

Whatever look you decide for your home kitchen, go with either granite or marble counter-tops as these are the most durable and effective solutions available!

Give us the opportunity to make your dreamed Granite-Marble kitchen come true!

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