Did you know that according to house selling agents homelight.com Granite countertops and slabs are the current kitchen ‘must-have’ trend that has been showing a steady increase in popularity since the year 2000! Before this time, granite was usually only affordable by the more wealthy, but it’s now far more affordable and uber desirable.

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, maybe looking to the future at a potential house move to the simply stunning Florida area, or maybe looking to update your existing kitchen. Are and are looking for expertly crafted local Miami granite? then take a look below and find out tips on styling your kitchen, the color pallets available, and also how to protect your granite countertops.

Let’s start first by looking at the first question you may have.

Why have a granite countertop? A granite countertop is a quality kitchen finish and is an investment for your home. Buying a local granite worktop is a sustainable choice and gives a luxurious, durable finish. It’s hard-wearing character combined with its beautiful natural look and feel provides a lasting and unique finish to your kitchen.

Now that we’ve seen the short answer as to why you should add granite countertops to your existing kitchen, or start your kitchen from scratch with beautiful local granite in the Florida area, let’s start by looking at some questions you may have when considering making the important investment of granite countertops for your kitchen.

Let’s start first with one of the most important things to consider - discovering the beauty of granite and making an investment in organic, natural and local products which will last for years to come.

Check out at the kinds of kitchen styles that Miami granite slabs and countertops compliment, and discover how this beautiful, natural product can help you create your dream kitchen.

What style of kitchen do granite slabs work best with?

The short answer is that granite works with a huge range of kitchen styles. Although it is a natural product, it can bring a touch of elegance to all kinds of kitchens. So, whether you’re in the process of remodeling your kitchen in a rustic country style, or if you are looking for a more modern and contemporary finish to the heart of your home, granite is a perfect choice.

Let’s look at how local granite slabs from Miami can bring a touch of country style elegance to your kitchen.

Country style kitchens

Florida Granite will beautifully combine with all the natural elements in your country kitchen, coordinating and enhancing the rustic look.

Whether you're redesigning a kitchen from scratch or revamping a kitchen in a period home, a country style kitchen makes the perfect family hub in any home and there are many features that can bring that coveted country feel, whether single pieces of reclaimed furniture, freestanding kitchen units maybe, all help to give your home an on-trend country-style finish.

“Florida Granite will beautifully combine with all the natural elements in your country kitchen”

Modern country style kitchens

‘Modern Country’ is becoming a more popular interior design style, and is a much more contemporary alternative to traditional country decor.

A unique mix of elements from different design styles, including Hamptons, vintage and industrial elements, work together to create a kitchen with a nod to the past, whilst avoiding the more ‘folksy’ elements of traditional country design. Adding a luxurious and beautiful local Florida granite countertop to your kitchen island creates a stunning centerpiece for your modern country look. 

Timbers, stones and metals that are rich in character, but without the elements of embellishments are those items that will help to create the warmth, character, and functionality of the modern country kitchen. Granite countertops and slabs provide a perfect finish to this kind of design and add a natural look that seamlessly combines with more modern elements.

“Adding a luxurious and beautiful local Florida granite countertop to your kitchen island creates a stunning centerpiece for your modern country look.”

Modern kitchens

One of the latest trends in modern kitchen design is thick slab countertops. Choosing slabs that are between 3 and 5 inches thick creates a stunning focal point for your kitchen. Mixing the elements of state of the art, high-tech appliances, modern sleek designs with the luxury and organic qualities of granite, will create a real wow factor in your state-of-the-art modern kitchen.

Now we’ve seen the kind of kitchen styles Miami granite slabs work well with, let’s look at another question you may when considering adding the durability and quality of granite countertops and slabs.

What color granite should I have?

Of course, it is your choice and a matter of taste and opinion. However, the immense variety of different colors and patterns available with granite is very difficult to ignore!

Colors that range from deep, dark blacks and blues, through to brighter gold, grey, and white, the range is huge. Don’t forget to check out our store to see our wonderful range of local Miami granite slabs.

Whether you’re after a subtle worktop to blend in with your kitchen, or you are looking for a granite countertop that will become the main focus of your space, it is guaranteed you’ll find a color that you will love.

“Don’t forget to check out our store to see our wonderful range of local Miami granite slabs.”


One of the perfect elements of choosing granite countertops over other types of styles is that every slab is totally unique, bringing a bespoke and individual look to your kitchen.

Now you’ve seen the huge choice of local Florida granite slabs available to coordinate with your existing color schemes, and you’ve made the decision to get in touch with one of our highly knowledgeable natural stone specialists or drop into one of five showrooms in the Florida area, let’s take a look at how to clean your beautiful and original granite countertops.

How to clean granite countertops

Making sure you protect your countertops is really important to keep the long-lasting beauty of your granite.

We recommend that they are wiped daily with a microfiber or other non-abrasive cloth. Dip in a solution of mild detergent. If you want to give your granite slabs a deeper clean, you can either use a cleaner specially formulated for granite or maybe create your own cleaner by using dish detergent and rubbing alcohol.

Now we’ve looked at how to keep your Florida granite slabs and countertops perfectly clean, are there any substances you shouldn’t use on granite slabs? Let’s take a look below.

What not to put on granite worktops

While granite is very durable, acidic cleansers and sponges that can scratch and eventually over time destroy the protective sealant while also create unsightly stains on your countertop.

Clorox disinfecting wipes contain citric acid which can damage your Miami granite slabs and countertops. The most effective and safe way of cleaning granite is to always use ph neutral soap to clean your countertops and avoid Windex, vinegar, and bleach. The stone cleaner works as well as simple dish soap. Wipe the top-down regularly.

Many people wonder if it’s safe to put hot pans on granite countertops. Our advice is that although it may be ok to put a hot pan on your granite countertop, it isn’t guaranteed that pans won’t damage your surfaces. For this reason, we always recommend the use of trivets. Even though granite is not porous, a hot pan can stain it. Residue from the stove burners can transfer to the pan and your countertops.

“Use ph-neutral soap to clean your countertops and steer clear of Windex, vinegar or bleach .”

And finally...

We hope this article has helped you realize the wonderful benefits of using locally sourced, sustainable and beautiful granite from our wonderful Florida and surrounding regions for your kitchen countertops and have answered some important questions you may have.

If you would like any more information on the topics above, would like to speak to one of our expert kitchen designers or book a design consultation, we would love to hear from you.


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